Department Of Treasury Operations

The Treasury Department is one of the departments under the Office of the Accountant General. The Department is the nerve centre of the State Government’s administration as it is saddled with the responsibility of keeping records of all receipt and payment of the State Government funds, and disbursement of it accrued to the State Accounts. Also maintained the control of budgetary allocations to MDA’s

The Treasury Department performs the following functions:

  • Maintaining record of funds received by the State Government.
  • Making payments on behalf of the State Government.
  • Maintaining records of all payments made
  • Its Maintain the budgetary control of funds disbursed to MDA’s
  • Preparation of Salaries/Pension/Gratuities etc
  • Advising Government on all aspects of financial/accounting policies.

Current Mode of Operations

Considering the importance of record keeping and the need for accuracy and speedy retrieval of records, the State Government has computerized the Treasury operations. Through this, all records with regards to receipts and payments are maintained in the computers. To this end, there is software that handles the posting to cashbooks, printing of cheques and mandates as well as Bank reconciliation; with current introduction of International Public Sector Accounting Standard (IPSAS) the department is now couple with software which has been updated to accommodate IPSAS standard up to the preparation of General Purpose Financial Statement (GPFS) and control budgetary funds expanded.

The above mentioned development has assisted greatly in ensuring speed and accuracy in the execution of the functions of the Department. Efforts are also being made to ensure that the Department is up to date in the Information and Communication Technology, to assist in speedy preparation of Annual Financial Report.