Internal Audit Department

The state Government has approved the establishment of Internal Audit in the year 2012 in the state in order to ensure proper checks and balance, fiscal discipline probity and accountability. All accounting officers of each organization are required under the provision of operation guidelines for accounting of P.A 806 paragraph 67 Decree 43 of 1988 to establish and maintain an Internal Audit unit. In view of the above the office of the Accountant General has posted Accounting staff to various MDA’s as Internal Auditors.

The Internal auditors who should be the Head of the unit must be a qualified accounting staff and shall be directly responsible to the accounting officer in the organisation. He shall submit a detailed audit programmes and report monthly to the accounting officer and the Accountant General through the Director of Internal Audit in the Ministry of Finance.

Currently the ministry of finance has fully functional Internal Audit Department as established by the law.