Directorate Of Finance & Supplies

The Directorate of Finance & Supplies is headed by the Director Finance & Supplies who is answerable to the Permanent Secretary. The department has three sections viz:

  • Accounts Section
  • Stores Section
  • Transport & Maintenance Section

Accounts Section:- This unit is headed by the Chief Accountant and 10 other supply staff the department is vested with the responsibility of ensuring payment of salaries and other entitlements of all Ministry staff and Public Office Holders in the State. Apart from this, the unit is also responsible for the payment of contractors of the Ministry.

Stores Section:- This unit is headed by the Chief Stores Officer and consists of other staff. The unit is the custodian of the Asset Register and Stock items procured for issuance to respective ministries on request. Such items include furniture, equipment, safes, fire proof cabinets and other accounting documents.

Maintenance Section:- This section is headed by Technical Officer. It is responsible for the supervision of fleet of vehicles of the Ministry, routine maintenance and repairs of the Ministry’s Generator sets and equipment including the buildings and surrounding.