Department Of Final Accounts

Final Accounts is one of the departments under the office of the Accountant-General. Its main responsibility is the production of annual Financial Statements/reports. It may interest you to note that the draft Annual Financial Statements for 2014 has been submitted in April, 2015 to the State Auditor-General for examination and perusal. This is an outstanding performance despite the security challenges the state is facing and taking cognizance of the provision that gives a mandate to the Accountant-General to submit its draft annual financial statement to the State Auditor-General on or before 30th June of the subsequent year.

Moreover, it could be recalled that the FEC approved the adoption of IPSAS in 2010 to be implemented in 2014. It may also interest you to note that Yobe State Government is one of the first states of the federation that adopted and implemented the IPSAS cash basis with a view to meeting up IPSAS cash requirements. Subsequent to this, the IPSAS Accrual which was also approved to be implemented in 2016. A draft copy of 2016 accounts is ready for auditing the Yobe State Government is not left out to join the committed states. All these achievements were attained through the visionary efforts of His Excellency Dr. Alh. Ibrahim Gaidam FCNA, FNCA, CPA the Executive Governor of Yobe State. Final Accounts is one of the Departments under the office of the Accountant General, Ministry of Finance. It is responsible for the following:

  • Receipts of cashbook returns from Ministries, Departments and Agencies.
  • Capture of Cashbooks
  • Dealing with Major Audit Queries
  • Ensure adequate and effective Accounting system in Ministries and Departments for control, collection and disbursement of public funds.
  • Drawing up of Financial Statements
  • Maintenance of General Ledger
  • Print and Distribution of Accountant General’s Reports to Federal Government, States and Others
  • Issuing of Treasury Circulars
  • Crosschecking of cashbooks from Ministries, Departments and Agencies
  • Relating with Ministries, Departments and Agencies on returns issues
  • Crosschecking of draft reports
  • Preparation of brief on Audit Observation on the Accountant General’s Report for Public Account Committee Meetings.

It is headed by a Director and Subdivided into two units. Main Accounts and Cashbook Control each headed by an Assistant Director with chief Accountants Assisting them. Under each of the Chief Accountants there are two Principal Accountants heading a team each.

Each Team consists of two Senior Accountants, Accountant I or Accountant II assisted by an Accounting Assistant or an Executive Officer Accounts. Each of the team will be responsible for collection of cashbook returns, data capture and processing under the supervision of the superior officer as detailed in their schedules of duty and illustrated in the organizational chart. In each of the units, there are Computer Analyst and a Computer operator who are responsible for computer maintenance, minor repairs and typesetting of reports and document